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Biweekly Payment Benefits

Biweekly Payments offers plenty of Benefits: It’s a No Brainer

  • The Debt Burner is here to help you save 10's of thousands of dollars, of your hard-earned money, on the biggest decision/purchase/investment of your life! - Primarily - your home mortgage. 

  • Have you thought about what you would do with an extra $45,000? $75,000? $125,000 or more? Would you give us 7 minutes of your time in order to save 7 or more years off your mortgage? With the Preferred Biweekly℠ method, you can add an extra $25, $50, $100 or more biweekly to accelerate your loan, which will build your equity faster and reduces your effective interest rate by up to 33% - with No Credit Check!

  1. Eliminate avoidable interest payments: save thousands.
  2. Build Equity 3Xs Faster: money you can use during cases of an emergency.
  3. Eliminate the need for expensive Private Mortgage Insurance.
  4. Lower your net effective interest rate by 33% or more.
  5. Decrease the payoff of your mortgage's term by 5,10,15 years or more.
  6. Extra cash available for children’s college education. 
  7. Retire earlier than expected: less money needed for retirement. 
  8. Build wealth by saving interest and investing the difference.
  9. Enjoy the satisfaction of being a clever consumer.
  10. Live your best life; less hassle and stress free. 

This Is a No Brainer!

  • It only makes perfect sense. Click the link below to see how much of your hard-earned money you can save.

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